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Will be rambling a bit in this post so bear with me.  The thoughts do connect but they may only do so in my mind.

A little bit back (the 21st and 22nd of jan) I joined up with a group of guys from the midwest to lit drop the March for Life in DC.  Our intent was to spread awareness to the cause of Personhood USA.  This group is working in over 40 states at a grassroots level to change the laws in our nation so that they will recognize the personhood of the unborn child.  Granting the children rights as humans will have huge effect on the current abortion situation; basically making it illegal on every level.  We have seen time and again that limiting abortions legally does not work (and is ethically ridiculous to begin with) and all our efforts end up being thrown to the wind.  It is high time, whether we win or die trying, that we go for the jugular.

Going there really burned in my mind once again the almost total failure of the church in America to stand up to this sin.  Dominated by Catholics and overrun with priests and statuettes of Mary the march has degenerated into nothing but a lot of emotionalism and ridiculous pep talks.  It seriously made me sick to look at the hordes of young people walking by and knowing that most of them were just here for the ride.  They did not really care about the cause and worse yet were not even regenerate.  May the God who toasted Sodom and Gomorrah grant mercy to his ‘followers’ in America.

Though the church has responded pitifully as a whole to the sin of abortion there was a time when while at the forefront of the battle you could still find strong believers all over the place.  We were making serious attempts to end this struggle completely.  There was a time when the battle-cry was, “No terms except unconditional surrender!”  But now it seems that while there are some scattered remnants of believers still fighting the battle has been mostly given over to the Catholics to fight.  It seems the church is so afflicted with the American spirit that in the fashion of the vietnam war we, seeing the war was going to be long and hard and without guarantee of victory,  have given up and only outwardly and in a still, small voice  protest the slaughter of the unborn.  But inside our hearts really don’t care and the commands of our King to stand up for those who cannot stand for themselves just bounce off the armor we have built to shield ourselves from his demands.  “What?  Leave my comfortable church and give up everything for God?  You gotta be kidding!”  Yet the call of the God-man is just that.  “If anyone desires to come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and come follow me.”

I pray that God gives each of us including myself a greater desire to submit ourselves to his will and stand up for the preborn.


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