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Court in Ohio

Well, I just got back to VA after court in Ohio where I was facing Disorderly Conduct and Criminal Trespass charges.  These charges date back to May 2009 when we were preaching at Sinclaire Community College.   Thru the course of a very bizarre day five members of our group were arrested.  Charges ranged from Obstructing an Officer in the course of justice to Assault of an Officer.

As the next few months showed these charges were more the result of a Sinclaire Officer’s inability to properly enforce the law when he was personally offended than our failure to follow the law.  In the end eight out of the nine different charges leveled against our group were dropped by the prosecutor or dismissed in court.  Out of the many hundreds of times that members of our group (faithful soldier school of evangelism) have interacted with the police this was the first incident where there were any arrests.

Oct. 28th and 29th were the trial dates for my case as well as a criminal trespass charge against Candace Riley, a fellow rebel against the law.  On the 28th the prosecution made its case against us bringing in all their big guns to testify against us.  At the end of the day even though we had not even begun to defend ourselves the judge ruled that the prosecution had not brought in enough evidence to convict either Candace or myself of the criminal trespass charge we faced.  These were dismissed.

The next day, the 29th, we made our case that I was not guilty of Disorderly Conduct but largely due to the testimony of two officers I was convicted.  These officers stated that I was shouting over them while they were trying to remove our group to the sidewalk.  This was definitely false as the testimony of one student from the college and four members of our group indicated but, alas, apparently judges and officers enjoy being on one another’s good side in Dayton.

There were many other things I could include to give evidence of justice not being upheld in this case.  This is just a short synopsis of what went down.

All things considered I am really at peace with what happened.  God is in control and His will will be done in the end.  He works all things for His glory and our good.

May this be used for the advancement of the Kingdom of Christ!!!

For the King!!



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It has been too long since I posted on here.  SOOoooooo much has happened that it would take a few volumes to record so I wont bother.  I will however recount what happened in the past few days up at the Deeper conference in ohio.

Deeper conference is put on by Living Waters, which is Ray Comforts ministry.  For those not familiar with them they are a group dedicated to encouraging believers to go out and witness for Christ in a biblical way.

The conference they put on this year did not attract as many  people as usual due to the fact that their speakers were not as high-profile as in past years.  But in spite of this the messages were all still spot-on and very good.  Christ was exalted thru every message.

One teaching that I would especially urge every christian to get and listen to was ‘Imputation’ preached by R. W. Glenn.  He began by explaining the doctrine of the imputation of our sins to Christ on the cross then briefly explained how this doctrine has been challenged in the recent years thru the New Perspectives on Paul movement.  But then he turned to the greatest challenge to this doctrine and that was how we so often will think and act as if we need to establish our own righteousness as opposed to resting in Christ’s finished work.  He accomplished it.  There is no reason for us to beat up on ourselves after failing.  If we think that we are somehow making up for our failure by grinding on ourselves it is a questioning the sufficiency of Christ’s work and a lifting up of our own righteousness to deal with our sin which is a challenge to God’s holiness.  Listen to the message.

Ever year directly after Deeper there is an event called the five hundred.  It is meant to get the attendee’s of the conference out on the street to witness together.  This year we hit Oktoberfest which attracts hundreds of thousands of partiers.  We had over two hundred believers out there doing one on ones as well as preaching.  There were enough of us to keep eight preachers going simultaneously throughout the event.  I have never been out preaching the gospel with so many and was really encouraged thru it all.

The public proclamation of the Lordship of Christ and man’s sin in the light of His holiness!!! Word!!

Well, I pray God is blessing you as He is me.  Rest in His finished work while pressing on to give Him glory.  May He be exalted in the eyes of men!!!

All for the King!!!

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The past little bit has been very eventful.  Spent a little over a week rampaging the mid-atlantic area with Michael Marcavage.  Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey all felt the effects of our crazy “yelling”.

Thruout the week we hit two college campuses, a phillies baseball game, a strip club, three downtown NYC parks, a homosexual rally and the Apple blossom festival.  I pray the word went out clearly and am now leaving it to the Father to do as He sees fit.

Two things that really stood out to me.  Number One.  I have grown up around street-preaching.  Seen it most of my life and met many men around the nation that are witnessing in this way for Christ.  But I am blown away by how many people are jumping into this ministry over the past few years.  Everywhere I go I am meeting people who have been led into this thru the ministry of Ray Comfort. These are for the most part reformed people which is very encouraging because outside of this there is little evangelism to speak of going on from people in those camps.  I speak generally knowing that there are some churches which are exceptions to that.  So it has been very encouraging to find these like-minded believers boldly standing up and proclaiming Christ to a dying culture.  May the word go forth with power!!!

Secondly I remember during my time with a ministry school in Wisconsin how I used to get depressed about how we would preach and preach but would seldom see fruit.  The world marched by on its way to death without a second glance.  I have been on a long theological journey the past three years.  It has led me to a place where I now see salvation in a very different light.  If I now, while preaching the true gospel with a real heart for the lost, see the world pouring by and if not ignoring you then hating you then I am able to rest in that.  It hurts to see so many rushing to their doom but now I see how apart from the grace of God giving them eyes to see and a heart of repentance not a one would be saved.  So now I still preach my heart out and am concerned for them but I can rest and not beat up on myself for not preaching it right.  The King will do the work.  We need only preach it right with a real heart of concern.

So with all that said….

May the King be glorified in all that we do!!!

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Well, I am sitting in the office of Michael Marcavage near the city of Philadelphia.

Today we were preaching at the Equality forum which is a large gathering of Gay and gay-friendly activists.  Yesterday we were preaching at the Apple blossom festival in Winchester, Va.  The day before we were at Longwood college preaching and then hit a race in Richmond, Va.  And the day before we hit a strip club to preach to the patrons there.   So I have been busy since arriving back in the states.  Have not had as much time as I wish.  Kind of want to update everyone on how the last days in China went but that will have to wait.

So I am just trying to figure out how the next few months are going to flow.   Should I get a job and make some money?  Kind of could use that right now.  Or should I just stay on the road traveling and preaching and trust the Father to provide?  I kind of am really hoping that the latter option is what the Father wants for me.

So may the King of kings direct and may His will be done always in our lives!!!

All for the one who gave His all for us!!

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Well I will have to be quick as I am with a friend and we are going to head back home soon.  

I am currently in the city of Lanzhou in Gansu province.  Came here to help a friend for a bit who recently moved here from Xining, where my home is.  The great thing is he found an apartment that is less than 1000 feet from both the bus station and the train station in central Lanzhou.  How cool is that?  No more costly taxi rides (if you think of $1.50 as costly). 

But anyway things have been going well.  The Father has been blessing me greatly the past few days enabling me to pull out of a rut that I had fallen into.  He is always faithful even when we run from him.  Isn’t it crazy how ridiculous we often act when we have fallen in some way?  We, or at least I, have a habit of trying to dodge God when I sin in some way.  I run from Him for a while and subconciously think that I need to go for a length of time without falling before I can approach Him again and be accepted.  Stupid isn’t it?  We forget that the whole deal is one of free grace extended to a sinner and our failures do not affect our ultimate standing in the least.  If we are His then he is faithful to keep on conforming us to His image and our fallings are a part of the process (not making excuses for sin at all just looking at the big picture).  It is our part to keep on looking to Him and His grace no matter what we may have fallen into.  And then to fight sin with this foundation and not one that is based on our own performance. 

My Father and brother have left to go back to the states now.  Their visit was a great encouragement.  I must sing the praises of my Dad (even though he probably would not want me to).  He has been a solid example of a man growing in Godliness and is ever challenging me to go upward and onward in my walk with our heavenly Father.  I admire my earthly father for his clear example of what a man should be.  Even though he slips and falls he has been quick to acknowledge this and always gets up to press on.  So when I get big I want to be like my Dad. 

An update on the situation with Thory which I mentioned in my last post.  Thory made it here to China and thru two towns safely but on his third city, the city that I was supposed to join him but could not make it, he was detained by the authorities and placed under hotel arrest.  They took his passport and cancelled his visa.  He ended up staying in that town for over a week before getting escrted to Beijing and then flown out and bcak to the states.  So though he was not able to reach all the cities we planned it was not a failure and we trust that in the plan of God this had a purpose.

There are only two more measly weeks til i head back to the states.  I am viewing that date with mixed emotions.   I have grown to love living here but also greatly miss my family and friends and going out on the streets and preaching openly and boldly, something that cannot be done here very easily.  I pray that the Father gives wisdom to me to decide where He would like me to go long term. 

May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of it’s suffering!!!

All for the King!!!!


PS for all of you that are my friends on fb.  I am not able to get on there for the time being due to internet issues.  But maybe soon….

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Yesterday I received a call from Thory, a fellow who came over here on a two week tract-bombing trip.  It seems that the authorities have caught him and he is under hotel arrest.  His tracts were confiscated.  The Greenies, who seem to be a terror to good works right now, have taken his passport and revoked his visa.  So everything is kind of up in the air right now as we are listening for more word from him.

We think they will give him a new visa with a few days to leave the country but are not quite sure.  If things go as normal then this is what will probably happen.  But I ask you to pray that they will give him a two week visa or something like that and release him.  If this happens I can resupply him with tracts and he can hit the road again.

I was supposed to be with him in the town he was caught in.  Due to an extremely convenient lack of buses at the time I did not manage to get there and thus am still free.

Whatever happens may the King of Kings be glorified!!!

In Christ,


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A great and monumentous event has just occurred.  An event that is rocking three provinces in western China.

My earthly Father and brother and another friend arrived to do some tract bombing in three different provinces.

OK.  Maybe it is not as great and monumentous as I made it out to be.  But they are all seasoned warriors and will I am sure with the Father’s guidance cause no small stir over here.  May the King be glorified and His will be done in all things.  May He bring sinners to repentance.

Their travels will take them thru Qinghai, Gansu and Ningxia provinces.  The other fellow who came over with Dad and gabriel is named Thory.  He will be going solo as I have been thru most of the trip other than a few nights I will be able to join him.  I will also be spending a few nights with my father and brother.

Their coming is a real encouragement to me and the other workers over here.

A new development that I ask you to keep in prayer is the situation with Jose, a fellow laborer, and his family.  They run a restaurant that is owned by Eugene.  They use this as a way to be in china and have the ability to witness over here.  The problem is that they are having a hard time getting back home after being kicked out a few weeks ago.  The Tibetan rebellions of a few years ago still have the authorities on edge and every time an anniversary of the riots rolls around foreigners end up getting the boot from tibetan areas which is where the restaurant happens to be.  So prayer would be appreciated that they would be able to get back to their home.  They are currently living with me at Eugene’s house as they are back in Peru now.

On another note teaching has begun for me.  Last weekend was the first and this will go on until I leave for the states in late april.  It is reasonably enjoyable and I am getting into the groove already(I think… or is it the rut?).  I have six classes a day so I am glad it is just on the weekends.  They consist of kids ages 5-15 and are quite well behaved actually.

One more thought I will share and then I will leave you to go on with your more important activities.  I have given a little thought recently to the difference in moral standards over here in China and comparing that to the states.  It is a crazy comparison that defies what I would expect.  Think about this.  America is a nation that has had heavy christian influence for all of its history.  Because of this out of our populace a great majority would believe in a God similar to the Biblical one.  Yet immorality is rampant and is flaunted shamelessly in the streets.  Noone (used in a general sense) dares to speak again the status quo and the “Christians” are ashamed to defend the God that they claim to believe so strongly in.

On the other hand China has no such strong Christian heritage.  Though it can be traced back to around three hundred years after Christ they have never been a huge moving force in the nation.  And on top of that the prevailing system of the day is an atheistic materialism that gives no foundation for any strong moral system.  Yet in spite of this immorality is largely kept under wraps over here.  The open flaunting of sin is almost entirey absent and is in fact heavily frowned upon.

When walking thru a city in the states everything screams out darkness to me and makes me long to be out in the country again.   In china however I get no such feeling.

Don’t get me wrong.  There is tons of darkness over here.   They need Christ just as much as a westerner does.  But the darkness is not as obvious as in the states and in the west.

Why this is I will not venture to say.   I am sure someone more acquainted with the culture could explain this to me.  But for now it must remain a mystery.

All I can say is…

When affluence comes along look down the path.  Her brother wickedness usually follows soon after.

I will be posting a short review of C. S. Lewis shortly.  While here I have read two of his books and desire to throw a few thoughts out there about the man and his work.

God bless!!!

All for the King!!!

It is His due.

In Christ,


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