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Healthcare Conundrums

My wife and I have had a rather interesting experience in the Healthcare arena.  For those that do not know Gennavieve has a chronic health condition that will likely be with her the rest of her life. As believers we really don’t agree with the direction our country has taken over the past 60-70 years regarding welfare.  But circumstances have at times thrown us into a position where we needed to accept the government’s help with her health.

When we were newly wed I began to make phone calls to find out how much it would cost to get health care just for Gennavieve.  The quotes I got were in the 1800.00 dollar range per month.  Needless to say, that wasn’t affordable for us.  We also called the Christian Healthcare sharing groups but found we could not join because of the pre-existing condition.

Then we got pregnant and found that there was a government program that offered free healthcare for pregnant women.  Our income was low enough to fit in the acceptable brackets.  We needed something and finding nothing else had to march down the welfare road.

So the dilemma I found myself in was this.  I am a young man who has a lot of business ideas that I am delving into and preparing.  But, if I were to succeed in these ventures I would soon be making too much to qualify for these medical programs and yet far too little to afford the healthcare or insurance.  It was a pretty pickle.  Pursue responsibility in providing for my family and sacrifice their health or drop the business plans and intentionally make less money to qualify for healthcare.  For a while it was a real problem and I saw no real way out.

In God’s grace a way was opened up for us.  My job situation changed and I was able to get healthcare through work.

But I keep thinking about the system that brought us down this path.  We are christians who are really trying to live as we should and even in our place the choice to make less money to keep healthcare was an enticing one.  How much more so for all the millions of Americans without our creed? For the single moms and all those who are in that poverty bracket?  Our government and economic situation incentivises poverty and discourages rising out of your hard economic situations.  How awful is that?


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I’m Still Alive

It’s been a while folks.


A very long time.


We at the Little Green household are going to buy a laptop in the next couple weeks and hopefully at that point I will start writing again.

God bless!!!

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