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Since the origin of Hip-hop in the 70’s it has generally been viewed by conservative Christians as if not wicked then surely the epitome of untalented and stupid music.   It is viewed as wicked because of the usual focus on the gangsta’ culture with all of the vile rebellion to God that is encouraged there.  It is viewed as untalented because as one Christian Hip hop group said,

“It doesn’t take much/just a voice and a beat.”

Cross Movement

Whatever background one is from and however you view the hip-hop style it is surely shocking to see the resurgence of Christian hip-hop and especially those with whom these cats are rollin’.  Beginning with the group already mentioned and progressing thru the 2000’s we see the movement finding its roots in the reformed community.

“We’re cursed from our birth/sininn’ from the begininn’/the womb to the tomb/depraved to the grave/we stray every day/every breath brings death/In Adam all die/In Adam all die”

Shai Linne

While in my opinion the reformed churches are theologically very deep but just a bit dead for the most part the hip-hoppers are nothing like this at all.  Their lives and ministries evidence a passion for the glory of God.  The ministry of the 116 Clique has reached deep into urban culture impacting many and can name such fans as John Piper and Paul Washer.  Lecrae Moore, the clique’s most prominent member has released three albums, each with a heavy emphasis on putting the deep truths of Christianity to music.

“See you money, your singleness, marriage, talent, your time/they were loaned to you to the world that Christ is divine… Don’t wanna’ waste my life!”


Though many still critique the movement for using a means to communicate the gospel that is associated with sin there can be no doubt as to the Christ-centered message.  In my humble opinion if we are to evaluate music primarily on the lyrical content then in comparison to Christian hip hop Christian Praise and Worship has apostasized.  They are that solid.  Usually if one is listening closely to your christian radio station one needs only listen for an average of 20 seconds to hear a humanistic or heretical statement on one of the songs.  On the other side rarely do you hear the Christian rappers spittin’ heresy.  This is because in general these guys are devoted to solid theology and view having a clear view of the Christ as the most important part of their lives.

So in closing I just wanted to introduce these guys to all three of my readers.  They have deeply encouraged me over the years and are being used greatly by the Father to bring solid doctrine to His church.

“You got to understand Jesus agreed back in eternity
to sign a bloody covenant and take a deadly turn for me
He ain’t just agree he fulfilled it to the death of ’em
he took that bloody cup that’s meant for us straight to the neck and yeah
he swallowed all that bitterness, that pain and affliction
ain’t a soul in hell with pain comparable to this one
brought me to repentance homie I’m blood purchased
and daily I’m conformed to his holiness so I worship”


List of Rappers with solid doctrine

Lecrae Moore


Trip Lee

Sho Baraka





Stephen the Levite

Shai linne

Cross movement

Jovan Mackenzy

IV His son

Amongst many others

All for the King!!!


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