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I might have given away my feelings about Conserative Talk Radio (hereafter CTR) in the title… maybe.

I am not a liberal.  I am not a moderate.  And in the American culture of today, I find it hard to label myself a conservative.

Maybe I will just have to stick with the term “Christian Extremist”.

But anyway, back to the point.

I do not like CTR because it is one of the clearest pictures of moralistic humanism you could ever get.  When men stand up and strongly decry how immoral our nation is becoming, or how wrong Obama’s desicion on this or that was without grounding that morality strongly in the Word of God they end up without fail appealing to the false standards of pragmatic moralistic humanism.

For instance, many of these men will ramble for hours about the current economic system, how horrible socialism will be, how good capitalism is, how nasty the debt crisis is, and almost without fail the grounding of those comments is in how bad things will be for us or our children.   For hours they speak on the evils of Obama and the greatness of Romney, and while brief mention may be made of “conservative christian values” in the end it all boils down to pragmatism.  Obama will hurt this country.  Romney will help it.

A step back may be in order.

America is:

Killing more than one out of four of its children in the womb.

The number 1 exporter of Porn.

Broadcasting its rank secularism to all the other countries in the world thru Hollywood.

Parading its sexual deviancy in the streets and teaching its kids that this is wholesome and good.

Not to say that we have not been blessed and that there are not many great things about our country.  We are very blessed.  God has been good to us.  But this does not excuse the fact that in America is in dire straits morally.

In the midst of all this, the talk show hosts play their little game of blaming the democrats for everything and crowning the republicans as kings of all things good.  They blame Obama, they blame the democrats, they blame this dude or that dame, but all the while the truth is crystal clear.

America is a nation where God has been knocked off the throne  by a people who are starving for sensual pleasure and luxury.  We will not accept responsibility for our own sin.  Our government is a reflection of our people, just as our talk show hosts are a reflection of the humanistic misdirection of conservative America.

A call to repentance that is grounded in God’s word is in order.  This fight cannot be led by polytheists striving for their own planets, but must be led by men of God that know the Word and lay the blame where it is due.  Men who will preach the law of God clearly and without apology till we are doomed, then exalt the good news til God saves!


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